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Serves 3

Tempura!!! I think so!


Prawns (tofu instead for vegetarians)

1 red pepper

¼ butternut squash or Kabocha

140g corn flour

60g plain flour

Crushed ice

160ml sparkling water

Aonori/seaweed flakes


2 handfuls of Katsuobushi

100ml of light soy sauce

100ml mirin

2 tbsp brown sugar

Piece of kombu/seaweed 4”x4”

360ml water

500g Haruka Sushi rice


To make the dressing: 

Put all the ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer for about 15 minutes. It will be a thin still, a like a dipping sauce. Strain the ingredients and leave to cool. Place in the fridge and keep for up to 3 weeks. 

Put rice onto to cook. Cut squash into thin wedges. Slice peppers into sticks. To make the batter add the flours to a bowl and add the sparkling water and whisk, it will be quite thick but it is meant to be like that then add a handful of crushed ice.

Put oven on at 160’c. Put oil in a wok and bring to the heat (BE EXTREMELY CARFEUL AS THIS WILL GET VERY HOT). Once the oil is hot enough simply put a few drops of the batter and if it bubbles and floats straight away it is ready, if you have a sugar thermometer it needs to be about 180’c. 

Now add the squash to the batter and evenly coat it and fry in the oil (make sure when placing the items in the fryer, drop them in away from you so as not to splash yourself with oil).  Once it is cooked and crispy put on a tray lined with a paper towel to remove the excess oil and then put in a baking tray in the warm oven. Repeat this process with the peppers and prawns. Place in the oven to keep warm until the rice is cooked.

Once rice is cooked place in a serving bowls and drizzle a small amount of the sauce on the rice and top with seaweed flakes then place the tempura prawns and vegetables around and serve!